Project #07
Yes We Print Fest


The Yes We Printers collective aims to bring the world of screenprinting to the general public. For years, Yes We Printers has been working for the recovery and recognition of the manual processes of the graphic arts through publications and presentations of their work. It is with this intention that the Èpica Foundation welcomes the Yes We Print Fest.

Yes We Print is a screenprinting festival dedicated to all those people who want to approach the technique. The staff of Yes We Printers has screens, paintings, sheets and all types of printable supports available to visitors and assists them in their first tests while they become familiar with the process. Once the technique is understood, everyone can experiment as they wish and collaborate with other assistants to find new ways of working. All kinds of prints are made throughout the day; some of them are purely experimental and others are elaborate more carefully, with the intention of taking a souvenir of the festival. As it is usual in the Èpica Foundation, collective work and exchanging knowledge give rise to new experiences.




May 12th 2018


Èpica Foundation



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