Project #01
Memoirs of Jalena of Savoy
Fake memory

This project, executed in collaboration with the technicians and actors from the Zetsky theatre, revolves around fake memories. The story of Jalena of Savoy, a real historical figure, is narrated through a series of fictional characters who supposedly knew her.

Every character tells an anecdote, an episode, an encounter with Jalena. None of these encounters really happened, but they end up letting the audience know Jalena’s real story. This project wanted to demonstrate that, over time, memories become distorted without us realizing it and they progressively detach from reality.

Every project participant developed their part of the script, their monologue, in accordance with the program proposed by EU Europe Plays, which revolved around the creation of a collective narrative.

Fake memories have been an object of study for science. If we consider memory as a part of a congnitive system that registers, stores, processes and recovers information about experiences and knowledge, we can appreciate its different levels of precision and, sometimes, of dangerous imprecision. During the last decades, psychological research has tried to define what we call fake memories. This project and its final show seek to explore scientific questions and methodologies form a theatrical point of view.



May 28 to June 12, 2016


Royal Theatre Zetski Dom (Cetinje, Montenegro)




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