Project #04
La Fura Experimentation


La Fura dels Baus plan and test scenes for their upcoming shows at the Èpica Foundation. Pep Gatell, artistic director of the company, gathers the actors in one of the rooms of the meeting rooms and explains the scene that they must put into practice to the whole team: several actors dressed with LEDs will climb through networks in which images will be projected.

Although in the final performance the networks must be placed at a great height, both to cause a greater impact and because of visibility reasons, the tests are carried out in one of the entries of the Foundation in order to be able to experiment more comfortably. The actors take turns scaling the network to see the effect of their actions from the public’s point of view, and the media department perfects the projections so that the scene fits the director’s vision as much as possible.



October 2017


Èpica Foundation



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