Project #08
Kaospilot work visit


Kaospilot is a Danish school of business and design that carries out different practices of project leadership and team cohesion with the aim of creating entrepreneurs within the business world from an alternative point of view. With this approach, some of their students visited the Èpica Foundation to learn about the group practices carried out in their workshops, a fundamental and indispensable part in any work process, and to become familiar with new team building methods.


The participants were received with an introduction to la Fura dels Baus, the Èpica Foundation and their methodology in order to familiarize themselves with the kind of practices that are usually carried out in the center. Then they jumped into action with warm-up exercises and physical activities, advancing group cohesion through games and movement.

Then they were presented with the Kalliope app, designed for real time audience interaction. Not only did they learn to use it as audience members, but they were asked to develop activities with the app themselves divided into several working groups. Since the Kaospilot students had worked with software similar to Kalliope’s, the learning was fast and the results surprising.

Finally, they were presented with a new game in order to encompass all the acquired knowledge: the Èpica Foundation team designed an escape room especially for the occasion where Kalliope supposedly stole all the information contained in the participants’ mobile devices. Divided into the previous work groups, the students had to solve logic games to get passwords, codes and devices that, once obtained and put in common, would allow them to recover their data and leave the room where the events were unfolding. The participants demonstrated a great capacity for teamwork and solved the game in record time.


Once the games and exercises were over, the participants met again to do a round of conclusions. The first ones concerned teamwork, how the physical exercises and the fact of getting acquainted with the app working in groups had been indispensable for the excellent results obtained in the later game. Had it not been done, the work dynamics would probably have been much more dispersed and they would not have been able to solve the escape room.

Finally, Kaospilot’s students gave their input on the Kalliope app and its other utilities beyond live performances, a still very fertile ground. Ideas of all kinds arose, from the programming of activities in popular festivals, working with infants, complementary information in conferences … The whole group agreed that humor is one of the distinctive features of Kalliope (fundamental for group cohesion) and that it is an app open to endless possibilities.


October 17th, 2018


Èpica Foundation





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