Project #06
Gulliver’s Dream


Before embarking on various performances in Europe, the mechanized opera Gulliver s Dream makes a stop at the Èpica Foundation. It is an adaptation of Gulliver’s Travels, the literary work by Jonathan Swift, conceived and carried out by the engineer and designer Roland Olbeter.

In Gulliver’s Dream, the audience follows the interplanetary travels of Gulliver, a scientist determined to discover the limits of the universe. With his space kayak he visit planets inhabited by nanobots, talks to the wisest beings in the galaxy and meets the crows that power the universe. It is an opera conducted with robotic puppets, located in a mobile theater, where every sound and movement is programmed. Thus, the tours of the show are convenient both for the members of their team and for the audience, who is able to enjoy a small format opera in a much more accessible way than would be usual.

The philosophy behind Gulliver’s Dream has a lot to do with that of the Èpica Foundation: breaking the limits of the scene through the search for new languages and the fusion between disciplines.

Rehearsals and Representation


April 11th 2018


Èpica Foundation



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