Project #02
Free Bach 212 Expanded


Within the EU Collective Plays project and supported by the Viterbo Theatre Festival, Quartieri dell Arte and La Fura dels Baus present Free Bach 212, a workshow that brings together Bach’s music, hybridized by Miki Espuma, with the work of 18 dancers and 6 actors from Viterbo and Rome.

Free Bach 212 Expanded takes Bach’s cantata no sacra 212 in order to recreate a beer party, a fair that takes musical classicism as a starting point and derivates to flamenco and electronic music. Starting from a previous libretto, it ends up asking the audience to participate in the development of the piece.

The cantata is a baseline, a framework from which the celebration builds up and, at the end of the day, is the real reason to gather. The amalgamation of voices, resources and styles is used in line with La Fura dels Baus’s aesthetic. An author’s discourse has never been the only starting point for any of La Fura dels Baus’ projects, and in this case it’s about looking for different focal points in order to build an action.

In addition to actors, dancers, musicians and audience members, Free Bach 212 Expanded has counted with the collaboration of a beer craftsman who contributed to the show with his product.


@Yulya Galycheva /2016



August 28 to September 4, 2016


Chiesa di Santa Maria delle Fortezze, Viterbo, Italy