Project #11
Fake Memories 2.0


The workshop Memoirs of Jalena of Savoy took place in 2016 in Cetinje, Montenegro. Three years later, Fura dels Baus returns to work with the actors and technicians of the Zetsky Theater to create a workshow that will open the MIT Festival, the Montenegro International Theater Festival, with the support of the European initiative EU Collective Plays.

This project revolves around fake memories. The story of Jalena of Savit, Queen of Italy for 46 years, from 1900 to 1946 and during the World Wars, is told through a series of fictional characters who are supposed to have known her. In addition, in this new edition of the workshop the team works with Transhumanism, or the physical and mental improvements that human beings can achieve through science and technology, as a new focal point. Through Transhumanism we see how the Second World War is nothing more than the search for Jalena of Savoy’s genome by the SS troops. Kalliope, a massive interaction app with a live audience, which will create a second narrative and give clues to the attendees to follow the development of the workshow, will be a key element to narrate all of this.

Fake memories have been an object of study for science. If we consider memory as a part of a congnitive system that registers, stores, processes and recovers information about experiences and knowledge, we can appreciate its different levels of precision and, sometimes, of dangerous imprecision. During the last decades, psychological research has tried to define what we call fake memories. This project and its final show seek to explore scientific questions and methodologies form a theatrical point of view.


April 24th to May 8th, 2019


Zetsky Dom Theater, Cetinje, Montenegro



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