Project #05
Operatic Conversations


International representatives from the world of opera meet at the Èpica Foundation to propose new operatic experiences. The members of the meeting, coming from some of the most important organizations and opera companies in Europe, manifest the need to create new languages and find new audiences. Opera, they say, is conceived by the general public as an elitist, boring, old-fashioned art. For these prejudices to change, opera must be changed.

There are many proposals and project sketches that arise at the meeting, and they all have in common the desire to change opera at all levels (technological, production, distribution) while retaining its essence (a quintessential European art form, a social event, a unique storytelling potential). There is talk of the importance of the live show, of the actor’s fragility, which can be transmitted even if the show is streamed, a more accessible way of seeing the show that, even so, should not make it lose the quality of a social event. Some alternatives to the traditional audience experience are also talked about, always trusting the help of audiovisual tools (360-degree screens, simultaneous retransmissions of different stagings of the same show, interaction with viewers through mobile devices …). At the end of the day, and as usual at the Èpica Foundation, a work of collective creation with the will to change the performing arts through the exploration of new languages.


March 12th 2018


Èpica Foundation



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