Project #09


4YFN (4 Years From Now) is the innovation platform of Mobile World Congress, enabling startups, investors, corporations and public institutions to discover, create and launch new ventures together. It offers unique connecting initiatives including insightful onstage talks, technical workshops, custom networking activities, community outreach and open innovation programmes, among others. A critical element of MWC, 4YFN underscores Barcelona’s position as a leading hub for digital entrepreneurship and connects the startup ecosystem globally.

Pep Gatell and Daria Tataj, along with Iglor Soluciones Audiovisuales Avanzadas, were invited to this event to present Tataj Innovation’s Network Thinking™ system and how, when merged with Èpica Foundation’s Methodology and its app Kalliope, it can lead to a completely new approach to develop business networks and leadership projects.

Tataj Innovation + Èpica Foundation

Tataj Innovation’s Network Thinking™ is an innovation tool designed to achieve growth, collaboration and complex problem solving and addressed to businesses, governments and academia. It aims to spread skills that help to learn how to become leaders in the transition to digital. In the words of Tataj Innovation: “To deal with the digital transformation, we need more leadership, new thinking and access to networks. We all need to collaborate, think like leaders, act like entrepreneurs, and experiment like innovators”.

For its part, Èpica Foundation’s methodolgy starts out from a central idea: learning is the result of sharing knowledge and experiences. That is why it‘s built on the collective work of different creators, professionals, technicians and scientists who carry out projects which will later be validated by society through their exhibition. Group cohesion, diversity and knowledge exchange are essential to Èpica’s work.

Merging these two systems results in a completely new approach to develop business networks and leadership projects. An innovative way to build trust in order to access talent, markets and capital while establishing human relationships: knowing people, playing with them, creating strategies through complicity.



February 26th and 27th, 2019


Fira Barcelona-Montjuïc, Barcelona