How do Èpica Foundation’s workshosps work?

The Foundation’s methodology is based on joint work and putting ideas into action: our work groups are created with participants of very diverse profiles who collaborate from the first moment in order to create performances that will be presented to an audience at the end of the workshop.

Each workshop is different in terms of duration, schedules, topics and objectives. We recommend visiting the sections About the center and Workshops, as well as our Youtube channel, to get an idea of ​​the usual work process.

How can I join your workshops?

If there are any open calls available, you will find them in the Workshops section labeled as “Coming soon”. There you will find more information on how to register.

Do I need to pay in order to join your workshops?

Èpica works through very diverse and specific projects, so each case is different. Whenever a worksshop is not free, the center seeks to provide some subsidized places if possible.

How can I attend the presentations as a member of the audience?

Èpica Foundation’s workshows have a limited capacity and deal with specific topics. It’s necessary to receive a one-person invitation in order to attend our presentations. If you are interested in a particular workshow, you can contact us through and, if there are any vacancies, we will send you an invitation.

Where can I find information about upcoming activities?

You can subscribe to our Newsletter to receive information about new workshops, project reports and future plans. You can also follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.