What is Èpica?

Throughout 36 years La Fura dels Baus has developed a method that goes beyond individualities and is articulated around collective work and amalgamation of talent. Now, via Èpica, La Fura wants to project both its creative solvency and its method’s success through a center that reunites learning and experiencing when it comes to creative projects.

Èpica starts out from a central idea: learning is the result of sharing knowledge and experiences. That is why it will build itself on the collective work of different creators, professionals, technicians and scientists who will carry out projects which will later be validated by society through their exhibition.


Eight key ideas


Only research can be the key to a learning project. Research guarantees its dynamic and rewarding character.

The center as a mirror of the world. The world is diverse, and not only in terms of people or opinions. The world is diverse when it comes to solutions, and Èpica needs to consider this kind of diversity.

A learning center is always a way to prepare for the future and to contemplate the integration of all those who suffered from «educational failure» by offering them new opportunities. The future has to be an area for a better society.

Any experimentation process needs to be followed by a reflection. Reflection is a way of nurturing the method and maintaining a learning continuity.

We understand innovation as the result of a constant process of creativity applied to formats, working methods, discourses, goals…

The key is exchanging knowledge, ideas, experiences… Promoting transference is nurturing the learning experience.

The center has a singular vocation and wants to build itself on the idea of difference, uniqueness.

From art and fabrication. Artification is the possibility of establishing a change of usability for mass-produced and handcrafted pieces. Artification is part of Èpica’s work from its generic idea.



Even though Èpica’s method focuses on knowledge exchange through experience, it articulates around specific projects that last approximately four months and are always developed with a public exhibtion in mind.

The center is open to Seniors (professionals, artists and academics) who will participate in the development of concepts and the supervision of projects: postgraduate and doctorate students who will coordinate the teams; and, finally, graduate students, vocational training students, “second chance” students or people who simply take a personal interest in Èpica, who will work on the projects by experimenting with various disciplines.

Èpica, a center open to society

Èpica wants to keep itself permanently connected to society through its activities and also via collaboration agreements with other initiatives, universities, research centers, institutions and companies.